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My name is Bradley and from my time at university I discovered my visual language which focused on locating the balance between deconstruction and clarity, emotion and passion, monochromatic and multicolour. I aim to create thought-provoking design as well as releasing the inner beauty, within the chaos. 


I specialise in a wide range of visual communication. From editorial to motion design, and from collage to print. I'm ready to undertake and experiment with multiple forms of media and design to communicate the narrative of any project. I thrive on any new challenge put before me and I love nothing more than to create.




nkoda is a digital sheet music app which allows users to acess over 100,000+ scores, from anywhere. From a marketing perspective I worked on multiple spreadsheet sourcing candidates for affiliate programs and focus groups. From my first month I had sole responsibility to prepare organic social assets for their social media platforms, this involved animation, video and stills to promote the business whilst adhering to brand guidelines. I also worked on after effects to create the whole interface of app, for the use of tutorial videos found on their help centre and upon opening the app for the first time, to enable users to understand the multitude of tools and how the whole interface works. For the last three months of the internship I became the only in house designer in the time, I created printed assets for advertisement at events and booklets for B2B sales. I also handled all communications with printers to ensure everything was on track and printed correctly. My time with nkoda has given me responsibility and confidence as a designer and broadened my knowledge in marketing. Being sole designer in the team for the back-end of the internship, came with pressure that I wasn't expecting as an Intern but it was definitely a situation in which I thrived and gained leadership and team communication skills, etc.


My time at ROOT was very beneficial to me, as I began to become confident in myself and my abilities outside of education, widening

my abilities in multiple areas of design/creativity. I worked to tight deadlines and was able to bounce off and collaborate with other

team members to achieve final outcomes and ideations.

London Organic 

I created Motion graphics and other graphical content for use across their social media channels/platforms, as well as advertisements for their products and overall brand. I also created new label

concepts for the packaging of their products, the idea was to add a more minimalist feel or a more refined approach in contrast to the pre-existing labels. I later then adapted these further to adhere 
to a collaboration with another brand; you can find these labels in my portfolio and are currently in use for their products.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 16.34_edited.jpg


17:23 Magazine, 2021

Aesthetica Magazine, 2021

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