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Branding, Packaging, Signage

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The idea I had to reach this target audience with interests in creative spaces like music, art and fashion, the idea was to encourage strong minded teenagers to use these figures from three areas with different characters to resemble real musicians, art pieces and collaborations with fashion houses. The LEGO Group has provided brand guidelines with consideration to adapting how their current tone of voice and visual identities could make their products more attractive to this specific audience. The idea came from research into the target audience and what they are likely to connect with and designer toys such as POP, Be@rBrick and KAWS just to name a few, are all highly sort after, creating buzz with collaborations with the fashion, music and art industries, my idea was to convert this pre-existing strategy and to pair with one the most iconic and historic toy brands. I branded the 'figurine-collecting’ idea into three sections with similar packaging to tie the project as one. I also thought the figures could be sold at different sizes and are able to collaborate with a wide spectrum of art, music and fashion brands and estates as the lego group is held to such high regard.

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