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Branding, Packaging, Signage

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I found it beneficial in a time of uncertainty to discover more about myself. My main goal for this project was to portray both my identity as well as managing and cleaning up my visual identity too, by presenting my more deconstructed and atmospheric visual language into three minimalist style books to showcase the journey in a more digestible way for the audience. My visual language is very much a response to myself, in moments of insecurity and confusion I felt the best way to reflect and communicate my thoughts and feelings would be through my experimentation and outcomes. However like ones identity I wanted my work to evoke more questions and ask the audience to stop and look for the encoded message within, I wanted for people to come across this project and leave with their own interpretation of identity and for them to maybe question their own. This project for me was very much about making an impression or making impressions rather, by having layers and texture this connotes the multi faceted and complexity of ones identity. I wanted to showcase all my different creative interests all in one brief, like photography, editorial design; fashion and video editing which I like to think I have done. In doing so showcasing my abilities into one outcome ready for the next step within the industry.


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